Adaptive Computing and X-ScaleSolutions Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, Adaptive Computing, a trusted global leader in HPC Workload Management and Cloud Solutions, headquartered in Naples, FL, has formed a new strategic partnership with X-ScaleSolutions and its team of experts focused on designing, developing, and supporting high-performance and scalable middleware for high-end computing.

X-ScaleAI is a high-performance solution for distributed training, fine-tuning, and inference for complex AI problems. It delivers higher performance and scalability for distributed pre-training, fine-tuning, and inference while supporting a range of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Vision models. It provides out-of-the-box optimal performance and portability across on-premises and cloud platforms in a vendor-neutral manner with various combinations of CPUs, GPUs, and Interconnects. X-ScaleAI also provides scalable model checkpoint and restart support for long-running training and fine-tuning applications to reduce the TCO for end customers.

X-ScaleSolutions is proud to establish the partnership with Adaptive Computing. “The partnership provides customers in the HPC and AI world with a one-stop solution to solve their challenging problems with the best performance and scalability while minimizing TCO,” says Dr. Dhabaleswar K (DK) Panda, the Founder and CEO of X-ScaleSolutions.

Adaptive Computing is a leading provider of integrated HPC/AI solutions to commercial enterprises, research labs, and universities worldwide, empowering organizations to leverage advanced computational capabilities for innovation and growth. With a focus on performance, scalability, and versatility, Adaptive’s solutions enable customers to deploy and manage complex computational HPC/AI workloads efficiently, accelerating innovation and driving business growth.

Adaptive Computing offers a comprehensive HPC/AI/ML as a Service solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprises embarking on their AI journey. By providing a turnkey solution, Adaptive Computing simplifies the often-complex process of implementing AI technologies, making them accessible to organizations of all sizes and at various stages of AI adoption.

The inclusion of the Adaptive Computing Technology Stack indicates a holistic approach that covers everything from the user-friendly interface to application deployment, AI development tools/frameworks/     models, and infrastructure deployment. Now, X-ScaleAI is also available as part of the technology stack supporting a range of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Vision models. This end-to-end coverage is crucial for ensuring a seamless experience for users, as it eliminates the need to navigate through multiple vendors or platforms to access different components of HPC/AI infrastructure and tool sets.

Moreover, the multi-cloud access feature adds flexibility and scalability to the service, allowing customers to leverage HPC/AI resources across various cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, OCI, and GCP. This ensures that organizations can choose the cloud environment that best suits their requirements without being tied to a single vendor.

The ability to launch GPU-enabled multi-node clusters with MPI on AWS using EFA further enhances the accessibility and usability of the service. This is ideal for high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) workloads and empowers users to efficiently deploy and manage AI infrastructure without the need for specialized technical expertise, lowering the barrier to entry for AI adoption.

Overall, Adaptive Computing’s HPC/AI/ML as a Service offering provides a robust foundation for organizations looking to kick-start their AI initiatives, offering the necessary tools and resources at an affordable monthly rate based on the number of users.

“Adaptive Computing is delighted to be officially allied with X-ScaleSolutions. The new strategic partnership provides customers with the highest level of expertise and efficiency available in the HPC/AI space.” – Art Allen, CEO of Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

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About X-ScaleComputing

X-ScaleSolutions specializes in a range of high-performance and scalable solutions for current-generation systems, ranging from small deployments of a couple of systems to multi-petaflop systems and the emerging Exascale systems. Their focus is on five areas: 1) High-Performance Computing (HPC), 2) AI (Deep/Machine Learning), 3) Big Data, 4) Cloud Computing, and 5) HPC security.

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing is a global software company headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA and has provided advanced applications and tools to the High-Performance Computing industry for over two decades with hundreds of deployments on the world’s largest computing installations. Adaptive Computing products and services are used by organizations of all sizes across a broad range of industries such as High-Tech Manufacturing, Aerospace Engineering, Defense, Universities and Research Labs, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas Exploration, Financial Services, and Data Analytics. Some of the world’s largest clusters, grids, and data centers use Adaptive’s Moab HPC Suite and Cloud Solutions to maximize performance and value, simplify management, and create a competitive advantage.

Adaptive AI as a Service Video

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