X-ScaleHPC is a high performance solution for your complex HPC problems:

Our Package

  • Scalable solutions of communication
    middleware based on OSU MVAPICH2 libraries
  • Fine-tuned CUDA-Aware MPI library for GPU
  • OSU MPI micro-benchmarks
  • Simple installation and execution in one
  • Tested with MPI All-reduce benchmark up to
    24,576 GPUs on 4,096 Summit nodes
  • “Out-of-the-box” fine-tuned and optimal
    performance on various HPC systems,
    including the #1 ranked Summit system
  • Coming soon: support for more system

Sample Installation & Run

Sample Installation

Sample Run

Our Performance

*Graph courtesy OSU


Interested in a free product demo? Email us at contactus@x-scalesolutions.com.