Welcome to X-ScaleSolutions

We specialize in a range of high-performance and scalable solutions for current generation systems ranging from small deployments of a couple systems to multi-petaflop systems and the emerging Exascale systems. The mission of the company is to develop innovative and leading edge software products, with a focus on four areas: 1) High-Performance Computing, 2) Big Data, 3) Deep Learning, and 4) Cloud Computing.



Our expertise includes:

  • Solutions: High-Performance and Scalable Libraries, Middleware, and Tools for HPC, Big Data, Deep Learning, and Cloud Computing.
  • Support: Support Contract for State-of-the-Art and Popular Libraries and Middleware.
  • Training: High-Quality Training on High-Performance Networking, Programming Models and Usage, High-Performance Big Data Computing, and Cloud Computing for HPC and Big Data.

Contact us to explore how you can exploit the full potential of HPC, Big Data, Deep Learning, and Cloud Computing technologies.