MVAPICH2-DPU Software Library Powering ISC Student Cluster Competition 2022

Seventeen student groups will be utilizing X-ScaleSolutions’ MVAPICH2-DPU Software Library as they take on coding challenges in the ISC Student Cluster Competition 2022. The student groups will use the MVAPICH2-DPU Software Library for a set of applications and bring innovative solutions for these applications on a diverse range of hardware and software platforms 

The MVAPICH2-DPU Library allows MPI application developers to accelerate their applications with the new DPU technology. The DPU technology from NVIDIA allows flexibility in offloading MPI functions to the DPU to exploit overlap in computation and communication. The MVAPICH2-DPU library implements such offloading and allows acceleration of MPI applications.

The students competing in these cluster challenges are the next-generation researchers and engineers in the field of HPC. X-ScaleSolutions is proud to provide the MVAPICH2-DPU library to all student teams to explore optimizations of the XCompact3D application and learn about the latest MPI library and DPU technology. 

ISC Student Cluster Competition 2022 is co-organized by the HPC-AI Advisory Council and ISC Group and takes place during the ISC High Performance Conference in June 2022.

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