X-ScaleSolutions announces X-ScalePETSc Library

X-ScaleSolutions is pleased to announce the release of X-ScalePETSc to accelerate HPC applications that use the PETSc library. Our X-ScalePETSc library is a version of the PETSc library (https://petsc.org/release/) co-designed with the MVAPICH2 MPI library. 

PETSc, the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation, includes a large suite of scalable parallel linear and nonlinear equation solvers, ODE integrators, and optimization algorithms for application codes written in C, C++, Fortran, and Python. It is primarily developed and maintained by the Argonne National Laboratory. It is used by more than 30 scientific toolkits/libraries to simulate engineering problems in a variety of domains including nuclear physics, fluid mechanics and solid mechanics.

Features of X-ScalePETSc 2024.4 release include: 

  • Optimized small to medium message intra-node CPU-CPU communication for MatMult — the PETSc matrix-vector multiplication kernel widely used in its iterative solvers and preconditioners.
  • Applicable to MATMPIAIJ matrix type and its subclasses.
  • Based on PETSc 3.20.4 and MVAPICH2 2.3.7.
  • No change to the PETSc API from the PETSc user side. 
  • Up to 13% MatMult kernel-level benefit and 10% application-level benefit for small problem sizes.
  • Flexibility to work with third-party libraries with PETSc

More details about the X-ScalePETSc, features and performance numbers are available on the following page: https://x-scalesolutions.com/x-scalepetsc/

For a trial license of the X-ScalePETSc library, please contact X-ScaleSolutions at contactus@x-scalesolutions.com.

About X-ScaleSoutions

X-ScaleSolutions specializes in a range of high-performance and scalable solutions for current-generation systems ranging from small deployments to multi-petaflop systems and the emerging Exascale systems. The mission of the company is to develop innovative and leading-edge software products, with a focus on four areas: 1) High-Performance Computing, 2) Deep Learning, 3) Big Data, and 4) Cloud Computing. To learn more about X-ScaleSolutions’ products and services, please visit www.x-scalesolutions.com.

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