Countdown to SC21

X-ScaleSolutions will participate in the year’s SC 2021 conference held in St. Louis, Missouri from November 14-19, 2021. We hope to see you at this year’s event, either virtually or in-person, to discuss our solutions in HPC, Big Data, Deep Learning and Cloud Computing.

The X-ScaleSolutions team has a long history of involvement with SC. We hope to see you at one of the following events:

SC 2021 – St. Louis, Missouri. November 14 – 19, 2021

Sunday, November 14
8:00AM – 12:00PMRoom #274Introduction to Networking Technologies for High-Performance Computing  [Tutorial]DK Panda, Hari Subramoni
9:00AM – 10:00AMRoom #227Designing High-Performance and Scalable Middleware for HPC, AI and Data Science based on MPI: The MVAPICH2-based Approach, Keynote Talk at ExaMPI ‘21[Workshop]DK Panda
1:00PM – 5:00PMRoom #274Designing HPC Systems with High-Performance Networks: Advanced Features, Challenges, and Usage [Tutorial]DK Panda, Hari Subramoni
Monday, November 15
9:00AM – 5:30PMRoom #242ESPM2 2021: Sixth International Workshop on Extreme Scale Programming Models and Middleware [Workshop]DK Panda, Hari Subramoni
1:00PM – 5:00PMRoom #264High-Performance Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science [Tutorial] DK Panda
3:00PM – 3:30PMRoom #227Evaluating Multi-Level Checkpointing for Distributed Deep Neural Network Training [Workshop]Donglai Dai, Quentin Anthony
Tuesday, November 16
12:15PM – 1:15PMRoom #223-224InfiniBand In-Network Computing Technology and Roadmap [BoF]DK Panda
5:15PM – 6:45 PMRoom #223-224Unified Communication X (UCX) Community [BoF]DK Panda
Wednesday, November 17
12:15PM – 1-15PMOnlineSmartNICs : Exploring the Future of In-Network Computation with the HPC Community [BoF]Hari Subramoni
12:15PM – 1:15PMRoom #230 – 231 – 232AI4CI4AI and CI4AI: Community Input for ICICLE, the National Cyberinfrastructure for AI [BoF]DK Panda
5:15PM – 6:45PMOnlineMPICH: A High Performance Open-Source MPI Implementation [BoF]Hari Subramoni
5:15PM – 6:45PMRoom #223-224Introducing Cloud-Native Supercomputing: Bare-Metal, Secured Supercomputing Architecture [BoF]DK Panda

Event Details:

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, established in 1988, continues to grow steadily in size and impact each year. Approximately 5,000 people participate in the technical program, with about 11,000 people overall.

SC has built a diverse community of participants including researchers, scientists, application developers, computing center staff and management, computing industry staff, agency program managers, journalists, and congressional staffers. This diversity is one of the conference’s main strengths, making it a yearly “must attend” forum for stakeholders throughout the technical computing community.

The technical program is the heart of SC. It has addressed virtually every area of scientific and engineering research, as well as technological development, innovation, and education. Its presentations, tutorials, panels, and discussion forums have included breakthroughs in many areas and inspired new and innovative areas of computing.


Please reach out to to schedule meetings throughout this event. We are looking forward to engaging with the SC community and sharing information about X-ScaleSolutions and our ongoing enterprise solutions and research developments in high-performance computing, big data, deep learning and cloud computing. 

X-ScaleSolutions is actively recruiting. If you are interested in a position and you are attending SC ’21, please contact the team members.

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