X-ScaleSolutions Releases MVAPICH2-DPU MPI Library

Today, X-ScaleSolutions announced the release of its MVAPICH2-DPU MPI library to accelerate scientific applications using the NVIDIA BlueField DPU technology.

NVIDIA recently introduced high-performance BlueField Data Processing Units (DPU) technology. This technology allows the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library to offload MPI communication steps to the DPU to achieve near perfect overlap of computation and communication. Such an overlap boosts performance and scalability of HPC and AI applications.

The first release of the MVAPICH2-DPU MPI library offloads non-blocking collective operations such as Alltoall to the DPUs. Offloading dense communication operations like Alltoall can provide significant benefits to the scientific applications running on HPC centers and Cloud environments. X-ScaleSolutions has demonstrated that MVAPICH2-DPU is able to boost the performance of the P3DFFT application by up to 21%.

In collaboration with NVIDIA, X-ScaleSolutions will demo the MVAPICH2-DPU at ISC ‘21. To join this live demo session and interact with MVAPICH2-DPU library developers to learn how to accelerate Message Passing Interface (MPI)-based scientific applications on clusters with NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, you can register here.

“The MVAPICH2-DPU library provides unique capabilities for higher ROI on the NVIDIA BlueField DPU technology for next-generation HPC platforms, data centers and clouds”, says Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President Marketing at NVIDIA.

“The novel offloading designs used in the MVAPICH2-DPU library paves the way to accelerate MPI-driven HPC and AI applications on next-generation systems with heterogeneous computing architectures”, says Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda, CEO of X-ScaleSolutions.

For a trial license, please contact X-ScaleSolutions.

About X-ScaleSoutions

X-ScaleSolutions specializes in a range of high-performance and scalable solutions for current generation systems ranging from small deployments of a couple systems to multi-petaflop systems and the emerging Exascale systems. The mission of the company is to develop innovative and leading edge software products, with a focus on four areas: 1) High-Performance Computing, 2) Deep Learning, 3) Big Data, and 4) Cloud Computing. To learn more about X-ScaleSolutions’ products and services, please visit www.x-scalesolutions.com.

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